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Joan Didion: Life and/with/through Words
International Online Conference


Conferenza internazionale Online, 29-30 aprile. Co-organizzata con Bamberg Universitaet

Friday, April 29, 2022

• 16.00h:* opening: Eva-Sabine Zehelein (U of Bamberg) and Cinzia Scarpino (U of Milan)
Let Us Tell You What We Mean

• 16.30-17.00h: Jesyka Traynor (Queens U)
The California of milk and honey’: Legacy and Mythology in Joan Didion’s Run River

• 17.00-17.30h: Sofía Martinicorena Zaratiegui (U Madrid Complutense)
The Paradoxical West of Joan Didion’s Play It as It Lays


• 17.45-18.15h: Kim M. Volmer (Coastline College)
The entanglements of narrative, power, and the madwoman trope in Didion’s Play It As It Lays

• 18.15-18.45h: Christoph Ribbat (U of Paderborn)
The Worst Best War Reporter of All Time: Joan Didion’s Salvador


• 19.00-20.00h: keynote by Tracy Daugherty (Oregon State U)
title TBA


Saturday, April 30, 2022

• 16.00-16.30h: Justin Chandler (Miami U)
'An Atmosphere Results’: Intimacy and not- knowing in Didion’s Democracy

• 16.30-17.00h: Karen Steigman (Otterbein U)
The Last Thing He Wanted and Joan Didion’s Late Style

• 17.00-17.30h: Cinzia Scarpino (U of Milan)
Didion’s/Hemingway’s Last Words: ‘A way of looking but not joining’


• 17.45-18.15h: Margrét Ann Thors (U of Iceland)
Joan Didion and NYC, from ‘Goodbye to All That’ to 9/11

• 18.15-18.45h: Vincenzo Bavaro (U of Naples L’Orientale)
Boom and Loss in California: exploring Didion’s prisons, cemeteries, and asylum

• 18.45-19.15h: Martina Kopf (U of Mainz)
Poetics of Disillusion: Motherhood and Aging in Joan Didion’s Blue Nights

final discussion and: into the future (also publication plans)


(*Central European Time; -9h for West Coast USA; -6h for Ohio; -6h for Ontario; -1h for Iceland)

22 aprile 2022
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